Shotokan Tigrisek Sportclub and the SKI Hungarian Federation had organized the 3. Visegrad 4 training camp between 2022 march 18-20. The planning had begun in November and no one would have thought that it would this big of a success. More than 200 karatekas had attended at least 1 day of the event. Because of the help from the Visegrad Fund Polish, Czeck, and Slovakian karatekas could attend for free, also Austria karatekas had attended as well. This year's training camp was about kumite (fight).

Hiyori Kanazawa sensei from Japan, who at the age of 24 is the champion of the SKIF association and is also an instructor at a Tokyo based training facility, was the guest instructor. She held 7 training sessions in total on Friday and Saturday where the karatekas were trained based on their age and knowledge. On Saturday Virgil Vincze held a theoretical training session to start they day, then after 2 sessions Dr Kata Morvay-Sey, from the University of Pécs, held a training where they could try these both in theory and in practice. In parallel with learning about coaching people could also perfect their skill to be judges with the help of Lajos Dudás, who is an international judge. The theoretical sessions were put to the test on Sunday when the competition was held.

On Sunday everybody has the chance to try out what they had learned in the past two days. The competitors had the chance to play in both of the 2 main rulesets (Ippon Shobu, and WKF). More then 100 people had entered from 5 countries to the competition which was mainly meant as a good practice.

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